Transparency is a word you often hear when organizations talk about their goals and objectives, and how they’ll integrate it into the bigger picture, but do you ever really have insight into the mechanisms taking place in the background?

We don’t use the word transparency lightly.

We’re opening our doors and showing you what’s behind the curtain - the inner workings of this community engagement initiative.

Click on the image below and you’ll have access to the @Home In Adams County Work Plan.

It’s an outline of objectives the @Home staff, @Home Partner organizations and Coalition Members will be working on together.

The topics we’re delving into are not areas one person or one organization can tackle on their own.

We’re tapping into the expertise of current (and future) coalition members to discuss and provide solutions to these focus areas: housing, transportation and livable wages.

If you see an objective that’s a good match for your interests or skills, and you’d like to get involved, please click on the link below.


@Home In Adams County Work Plan