Our Task Forces

The members of our task forces are working groups dedicated to creating and implementing solutions for various topics surrounding housing in line with local incomes, transportation, and livable wages.


shared housing Task force

The Shared Housing Task Force will explore finding solutions for inter-generational housing and increasing access of services to rural areas for populations within the 55+ age range.


Structural design task force

The Structural Design Task Force will review zoning and ordinances in 34 municipalities in Adams County, cataloging possible issues and finding solutions.

This group will also establish outreach and connect with developers and builders who have the ability to design and develop homes & communities that are in line with local incomes.

The focus will be on exploring alternative types of housing which may include co-op modular homes, “small” home designs or higher density housing such as townhouses while addressing the needs for sustainability (e.g. solar energy) with those buildings, as well as the renovation of existing housing stock.


livable wages task force

The Livable Wages Task Force will focus its efforts on exploring and finding solutions to work with employers on livable wages within the county.


outreach task force

The Outreach Task Force will act as @homeinadamscounty ambassadors who engage in public outreach and engage organizations, businesses and individual community members seeking services for affordable living through presentations.



transportation task force

The Transportation Task Force will review current policy and focus on discussing alternative transportation means for community members.



@Home Advocacy task force

The @Home Advocacy Task Force will serve as champions for all areas of the @Home Work Plan and recruit members for the @Home In Adams County Coalition.