What We Do

educate - Advocate - Develop

Our Vision

All residents of Adams County will have opportunities to live in safe housing in line with their income, find sustainable employment and access viable transportation options.

Our Mission

We are focused on coordinating resources, advocating and developing solutions to the most complex issues facing Adams County residents.

Why We Formed

The @Home In Adams County community engagement initiative was formed in 2018 & officially staffed and launched in January 2019 to address the ongoing issues of severe shortages of housing in line with local incomes, transportation options, and stagnant wages across Adams County.

The work, however, began more than three years ago when issues around the affordability of living in Adams County were identified on Needs Assessments conducted by several local organizations, such as the Adams County government, Wellspan Health, and Adams County Community Foundation.

Based on those assessment results, the Adams County Community Foundation released and awarded a Request for Proposals for an organization to coordinate the @Home In Adams County initiative, providing funding for a staff person for three years. This seed funding allows @Home in Adams County to build an effective infrastructure to pull together partners, constituents, and additional funding partners so that we can tackle some of the biggest issues facing Adams County residents.  

This community engagement represents a cross section of the community including government officials, not-for-profit leaders, higher education institutions, business leaders and the community at large. Several Task Forces have been developed to educate, advocate and develop solutions to ensure all Adams County families have the ability to work and live well locally.




Our Values